About Us

I was 6 years old when I had my first dog. He wasn't a pedigree and his name was Buksi. He lived with us for 12 years. Then we wanted a new dog, we decided to buy a Golden retriever. His name was Sarudi Bohém Barna "Mortimer", and he was born on 08. 04. 2001. Sadly he died in a car accident at the age of two. I got to know this breed by him, and I learnt a lot even within this short period of time. I loved him and I couldn't accept that he isn't here any more, so I wanted to have another puppy. We decided to buy two dogs, a male and a female. We were planning to breed them. This is how Eremiten-Gold Aida "Aida" came first (24. 03. 2003. - 09. 05. 2016.), then a week later we got Nagy-Panda Salamon "Salamon" (01. 04. 2003. - 30. 11. 2015.)

Even though I learnt a lot about this breed and the genetical problems, we made a big mistake. We weren't conscious enough to look at the parents' health results. We wanted cheap, but good dogs, and it resulted in that both dogs had hips dysplasia. We found out that Salamon can't have progenies when he was 1, and later Aida had the same problem. Beside this both of them are afraid of shooting, and Salamon doesn't have any abilities that are characteristic of Goldens. I became very sad and I felt that all the effort, camps and shows were all vain. Then I realized that I can be thankful for them for getting to know so many people at shows, forums, in camps and that I learnt about the breed itself. I also got an idea of the GOLDEN RETRIEVERS and decided to keep on doing what I had started. 

After my husband agreed I started to look at foreign kennels. I searched a lot and tried to consider every important respect. This is how I chose the Trouble in Paradise de Ria Vela "Jara" and Ashbury Angel Heart "Eliott" combination from the Spanish Ria Vela kennel. After waiting a long time the puppies were born on 15. 06. 2006. So was our little bitch called Tiffany Yellow de Ria Vela "Reina". When we arrived home with her I realised that I really made it! My dream came true! I wanted it so much, I hoped it so much, I imagined it so many times and now she is here! It was an unbelievable feeling and it still is even today, and it will always be for ever. She became my kennel founder bitch, and she did everything I hoped!

We kept a female from her 2nd litter, which was born on 16. 12. 2012. Her name is Velvet Charm Chance to Dance "Hayley". She had lovely temperament with a really nice body, so it wasn't a question that we have to keep her!

From her first litter we kept Velvet Charm Magic Touch "Melba" (30. 04. 2015.) in co-ownership, and from her second litter we kept Velvet Charm Trick or Treat "Polly" (17. 05. 2017).

Always happy to read and see the satisfied owners experiences and pictures about a family program together with their puppy, or a successful show. We can proudly say that our puppies are healthy, successful, and happy!

I would like to thank my husband and my parents that they are supported me in everything and my friends who also help me a lot!